Review the film ‘The Invisible Man’, a rare decent horror work, early 2020

Review of the film ‘The invisible man’ is the most famous work of the British writer H.G. Wells talked about a scientist who discovered stealth secrets.

For Fmovies, The Invisible Man is a rare decent thriller of 2020. After a series of days of bad movies, I was saved by the product of a handshake between Universal and Blumhouse.

As everyone knows, in the past, to keep up with the movement of the movie universe, Universal has built its own universe called Dark Universe about a series of famous monsters, starting with The Mummy 2017. But despite the arrival of Running Man Tom Cruise, The Mummy failed miserably, leading to Universal’s death in the Dark Universe. Fortunately, the future of the Dark Universe is a bit brighter when Blumhouse Productions takes over the franchise. But this is also a big challenge for Jason Blum to find a new direction for the Dark Universe. And it can be said, Blumhouse and director Leigh Whannell did too well this task with ‘The invisible man’.

The invisible man is the most famous work of the English writer H.G. Wells talked about a scientist who discovered stealth secrets. The story inspired the birth of a series of films and one of them was Hollow Man 2000 starring Kevin Bacon and Josh Brolin. This film was previously shown over and over on Cine Max. It turned out that before his hobby of collecting infinity stones, Thanos used to join a scientific research group. But it seems that the film is not popular with both experts and audiences when it comes to receiving poor scores on movie sites. It was not until 2020 that ‘The invisible man’ would have an excellent return to the film of the same name. The protagonist of ‘The invisible man’ is Cecilia. While starting a new life after escaping from her boyfriend Adrian, Cecilia learned that Adrian had died and left all her possessions. But right now, her nightmare was really beginning.

The first strong point of ‘The Invisible Man’ is the script part.
When it comes to invisible people, viewers immediately think of the process of scientists researching drugs that can help humans become invisible. But Leigh Whannell did not follow that path but chose to use a new and more exploitative way when talking about domestic violence. Adrian Griffin is built exactly with her ideal type. The tall, handsome outside, inside the money, is the leader in optical technology in the world. But Cecilia Kass did not have a pink life like the love heroine when Adrian was actually a distorted psychologist. He wants to control Cecilia in every way, from the way he dresses, the appearance, the words, even the mind. This makes Cecilia find ways to escape from Adrian, especially when he is trying to have children with her.

And it wasn’t until watching the film that audiences understood how a malicious relationship could affect a person. Adrian made Cecilia feel so stuffy that she had to use Diazepam – a sedative. Cecilia’s eyes, sunken, always filled with worries, made her not look like a girl who was happy in love with her boyfriend.

Cecilia was so afraid of Adrian that even though he had previously tricked him to drink quite a lot of Diazepam and there was always the sound of waves crashing on the shore, she still had to wear socks and tiptoe every step for fear of making him sound. wake up. Even the escape plan was carefully calculated to the minute with the pocket of clothes prepared and concealed in a secret place. However, the fact is that even though Cecilia was safe at the house of her best friend James Lanier and his daughter, viewers realized that she had never escaped Adrian. She was afraid of everything around her, staying indoors all day, not daring to contact Emily’s sister because she was worried that Adrian would go out. Even the fact that Cecilia had the courage to go to the mailbox made James excited as if she had set foot on the moon.

His image and panic continued to cling to Cecilia until Emily announced that Adrian was dead. So just to see before that Cecilia had suffered so much mental violence, that to her, it would only end when that person was no longer in the world. But by the time Cecilia thought the nightmare had passed, ‘The invisible man’ continued to show another plus point for the film. That’s the way director Leigh Whannell has brought fear to the audience on another level.

So far, we have heard a lot about the fear of darkness, typically Lights Out. When darkness falls, Diana’s ghost will appear, so the characters must find a way to maintain the light source. But what if your enemy is an invisible person? Cecilia had faced that horrible experience when she was clearly inside the locked house, the lights lit up but the viewers still felt the fear of the invisible invading her. If in Lights Out, just look to where there is light will be safe. As for “The invisible man” is different, because “what you do not see can harm you”. Cecilia, who was in a room full of light, could only hug her into a corner, terrified of fear because she knew someone wanted to harm her but there was no way to expose him, and the other person just casually. stood there watching the miserable prey.

I have seen many movies that like to play big, stir fry scripts and then fall face down. But it must be acknowledged that ‘The invisible man’ has a creative but equally effective direction.

Adrian Griffin character
If talking about the movie ‘The invisible man’ without saying a few words about Adrian Griffin – who is behind everything is a huge flaw. For me, Adrian is a special character because although the time of exposure is not much, but that was enough for him to show his sinister. Adrian is always gentle, but actually a crazy person who likes to control others.

When Cecilia refused to get off the car, Adrian was willing to use his fist to smash the glass, though it could hurt her. If he could not hold back, he had new plans in his mind. It was not trying to change herself to let Cecilia return, but to make a plan to punish her, just like what he had warned before:

“Adrian said that no matter where I went, he would find me, walk in front of me, and I wouldn’t be able to see him.”

At first, some seemingly innocuous things like the drawings for the job interview disappeared, the blankets were pulled out of bed, and then the severity increased when the doctor found the dose. An abnormally high amount of Diazepam in Cecilia’s blood.

Cecilia suspected that Adrian’s death was a fake. He was still alive and right next to her. And by the time Cecilia finds the potion dropped in Adrian’s house when we fled, we all know her suspicion is right. The problem is that no one believes what Cecilia said, including Emily and James because they thought she was only spiritually crushed. Indeed, Adrian created a perfect cover. In the name of a man who died with the clothes attached to hundreds of small cameras capable of making people invisible, Adrian blatantly tortured Cecilia without any problems.

Not only did Cecilia panic by showing her the signs of his presence, he also plotted dirty tricks to keep Emily and James away from her. Without the people closest to him, Cecilia collapsed. Cecilia always did not understand why Adrian treated her like that because she was just a country girl who bumped into him at a party. Why must it be her, while Adrian was so elite, so short of people who were willing to be his girlfriend? As for Adrian, the reason is extremely simple. Precisely because Adrian can conquer any girl, Cecilia’s act of escape made him angry. Punishing the depressed Cecilia by hurting her relatives, Adrian turned back into a selfless, merciful boyfriend when she learned that Cecilia was pregnant. He agrees to forgive Cecilia’s “faults”, willing to spend money to help Cecilia escape the murder she never committed, provided that she agreed to return to his side.

Saying it was voluntary but everyone knew that in reality, Cecilia had no choice but to listen to Adrian’s arrangements. Director Leigh Whannell has succeeded in building a bass and chilling Adrian Griffin. His younger brother Tom Griffin also had to comment on his brother like this:

“Adrian’s true intelligence is not expressed in inventions, but in how he plays with other people’s minds.”

And when I saw Tom’s face underneath the invisible suit, I was surprised. But not by thinking that Tom is the mastermind because I see the possibility of Tom behind everything is very small. Let’s say Tom is invisible because he wants to scramble for property. But he didn’t need to do superfluous things like follow up to scare Cecilia or reveal what Adrian was secretly hiding her birth control pills for. Just killing Emily and blaming Cecilia was more than enough to deprive her of his inheritance. Not to mention, this stealthman was too knowledgeable about Cecilia’s weaknesses. So there is only one possibility, that Tom is also a chess piece in Adrian’s hands. What surprised me was Adrian’s fear. He could convince Tom – his little brother who disliked himself to participate in this crazy plan and then pour all the blame on Tom’s head. When Tom was shot dead by Cecilia, Adrian immediately made up the story of Tom locking him in a cellar and using his clothes to harm him. In doing so Adrian can both get rid of all the crimes and justify his fake death. What a hit two arrows.

The ending was unexpected and haunting
However, at the time when the viewers thought that everything was coming to an end with the absolute victory for Adrian when he not only escaped from the suspicion of the police but also welcomed Cecilia back to the mansion by the shore. sea, ‘The invisible man’ continues to surprise everyone with a haunting ending.

The camera in the dining room showed Adrian cutting his neck with a knife. Hearing the noise, Cecilia rushed to call for help but she could not make it. But the camera did not record the scene where Adrian was hugging his bloody neck, his gaze blankly looking at Cecilia who was crying miserably, suddenly surprisingly calm. “Surprised?”, Until the end of his life, he probably did not expect himself to lose to Cecilia. “Those who are arrogant often do not doubt,” Thanos’ statement is really right for Adrian. He thought he had thought through his plans and his plan was successful, but the one who returned to his side was no longer the weak Cecilia lamb of the old days. Cecilia just wanted to have a normal life, but Adrian constantly destroyed it just because of his selfish nature. Silently swapping drugs to get her pregnant, attacking James and especially killing her Emily pushed Cecilia’s stamina to the limit.

It is Adrian’s fake death that makes Cecilia realize that all will only end when Adrian is destroyed because he will never let her go. And since the law couldn’t do anything to him, Cecilia had to use her own way. Telling James to come to lure him to confess, but Cecilia understands that an evil man like Adrian will never admit his sins, so she follows the plan, using Adrian’s own technology to punish him. and create an alibi for yourself. Still knowing this extreme way is the only way but I’m still sad for Cecilia. From a mere girl, life makes Cecilia forced to become colder, more cunning. Cecilia is turning into a person like Adrian – the person she hates the most.

There are still many grudges
‘The invisible man’ brings suspense and horror to viewers for the majority of the time with Elisabeth Moss’ extreme acting and makes them burst by the ending, but I personally find the movie still has some points. scattered.

At first, Cecilia found a way to leave Adrian, but when he found out that he had left his property to him, he calmly came to receive it, then went to buy James gifts and then took the money to pay for Sydney’s tuition. If you hate it to be thorough, there’s no need for money, right? Or is Cecilia realist, just dislike Adrian and Adrian’s assets still love?

Next was Adrian cutting Emily’s neck and blaming Cecilia. This paragraph was stunned at the time, but when I thought about it, it was too flawed. Suppose someone at that time saw or the restaurant camera recorded the scene of the knife hovering in midair before flying to Cecilia’s hand, would it have to reveal all the heavenly air. And I think that during the autopsy, the knife’s direction will be problematic, right? The doctors sympathize, read so many forensic stories so.

Then the details entice Tom to join the plan. I don’t think Adrian will let Tom survive in the first place, but what if Cecilia doesn’t shoot Tom in the case? Is Adrian not afraid he will tell you everything? Not to mention that Adrian didn’t discover that the lab invisibility suit was stolen by Cecilia? It was the strongest evidence to accuse him, Adrian should have been careful.

Although still gritty, but also undeniably the quality of ‘The invisible man’, reflected in the towering score 7.5 / 10 on IMDb, 91% of the freshness of Rotten Tomatoes. experts also spend an impressive 71/100 on film. Although talking about invisible people, the film’s sales are not invisible at all with nearly 100 million dollars worldwide while the budget is only 7 million dollars.

Considering the film ‘The invisible man’ is an attractive horror film with impressive sales, positive feedback from the audience and the curious ending, the possibility that The Invisible Man will be given the green light for part 2 Will Cecilia continue to use invisibility? The baby in her stomach will be like? Let’s wait for answers from Blumhouse and other Dark Universe products to get an answer.

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